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Additional fields in sign-in form


Is it possible to add an extra input field to lock. Along with username password, I need an extra field to identify client.


Our docs and searching are a good starting point:


Yes I looked at docs though I could not find any info for field addition in sign in form. It would be great if you could point to some of the resources.


The Lock documentation which is linked in the document referenced above, includes instructions on how to add additional fields


var options = {
  additionalSignUpFields: [{
  name: "address",
  placeholder: "enter your address",
  // The following properties are optional
  icon: "",
  prefill: "street 123",
  validator: function(address) {
    return {
       valid: address.length >= 10,
     hint: "Must have 10 or more chars" // optional
   name: "full_name",
   placeholder: "Enter your full name"



I think what bharat.mhaskar is trying to ask is for additional fields on login form, not in signup form.

I have a similar question to: Can Auth0 authenticate with custom usermetada to? I need to validate the email, username or document id when submit the login form.