additionalSignUpFields For Auth0 SPA

I saw this question on here before on the topic of if there are additionalSignUpFields in the Auth0 SPA sdk but there was no answer. Any help us much appreciated!

Hi @TanBeige thanks for reaching out!

Are you using the Universal Login Page with Lock? If so I’d recommend having a look at our documentation surrounding additionalSignUpFields.

This would require you to navigate to the Universal Login page in your dashboard and toggling on the ‘Customize Login Page’, then choosing Lock as the default template.

The documentation I’ve linked talks at greater length about how to update the options object with ‘additionalSignUpFields’ that you give to the Lock widget. However note that that particular parameter is only meant for Database connections, if you’re also leveraging Social Connections you’ll need to request additional information from that Social Provider after the user signs up.

Hope this helps, please review that documentation and if you need anything further I’ll be happy to help.

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Thanks! I found that you just have to go into Universal Login -> Login Tab -> then add

additionalSignUpFields: [
name: “date_of_birth”,
placeholder: “Date of birth”

into the var lock Object parameter.


Glad you have found it out and thanks a lot for sharing!

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