Adding Sign in with Apple to an Existing project

Hey Auth0,

I am attempting to add the SIWA feature in order to get approved for the AppStore. Up until now the process has been fairly repetitive (Twitter, Discord, Google), however, Apple is doing Apple and I am getting an error page when attempting to SIWA.

Things I’ve Tried:

  • Adding the Team and Key IDs
  • Adding SIWA to my current Identifiers in Apple Developer portal
  • Adding SIWA “Capabilities” in the XCode IDE for the project, thus Revoking and reinitializing the Provisioning Profile
  • Verified dev tenant


  • There are many tutorials that mention adding a “Service Id” for SIWA on the Apple Developer portal, however because I have already registered the apps reverse url for other Identities Apple gives me an error that the Identifier has already been used.

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New development:

Your Service Id does not need to be the same as your app’s bundle ID. You can do something like, “com.myTeam.MyApp.service”, then tie that ID to the ID Group for your Entire app, for example, “group.myTeam.MyApp”. Once that is complete you may enter your callback URLs accordance with the above instructions.

Still stuck on the callback error page :frowning:

This, Apple Login Error "invalid_client" - #5 by tadpreston

So, we were using an old private key. We needed to revoke the current one because it was lost, then make a new one with the same sub group as the Service ID, following the typical configuration steps outlined in Okta developer documentation, here, What the Heck is Sign In with Apple? | Okta Developer

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!