Adding parameters to callback URL

We’re using Universal Login hosted page for both sign-up and login, and would like to distinguish in the callback url whether the user performed a login or sign-up event. Currently we pass different values for redirect_uri when calling loginWithRedirect depending on what button the user clicks, but they can switch between sign-up and login on the hosted page so this can’t be trusted.

It appears I cannot change the callback URL, by providing a different redirectUri to auth0.WebAuth on the hosted page, which makes sense from a protocol point of view. So can I alter it at all to add additional URL parameters that I can consume in the callback destination?

Solution could be either using WebAuth or in a rule, however rules only appear to support the context.redirect which is not what I want (although could be used, but starting to stretch the design a bit).

I’ve just come across Redirect to onboarding flow after sign up (or first log in)? - #21 by dan.woda which may solve this, although I assume that added claim will be in the token until user performs another login?

That may work for our use case, but I’m wondering if there are instances where an auth flow does not require a login and user lands on the callback URL, where we incorrectly consume that as a new sign-up.