Redirect URI but only for a new signup?

I see this thread which never got an answer:

Is there any way to redirect ONLY NEW USERS to a specific page when using the “universal login” (not sure the difference between that and lock).


  • Returning users logs in
  • redirected to dashboard


  • New user signs up
  • Send them to an onboarding screen with additional steps
  • Eventually they get to dashboard

Seems like the only way to do this would be to keep track in our database of who has been through onboarding and who hasn’t?

Hello, @anthony3 - welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The intention of the Callback URL is that it should be an endpoint that handles these kinds of things. The Callback URL should receive the authentication response, process it, and then decide what to do with the user based on that response. You should not be redirecting users directly to the destination pages, but rather allowing the Callback URL to do that for you.

Hopefully this helps.

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