Add email notifications for non admin members

Feature: add email notifications for non admin members

Description: At the moment, we get security emails sent out to tenant admins for when certain actions happen, e.g. suspicious ip addresses. It would be nice to also be able to specify extra emails e.g. and, without making all of these people admin for the tenant. If we can specify extra addresses for the emails to be sent to, then it would mean more people can know about what’s happening, without having to be given extra permissions (sort of like viewer access?)

Use-case: Similar to the branding subsection of the UI, a section detailing all admin emails sent, and some options like “cc’d email addresses”, and those addresses are cc’d into the email sent.

Our company also has a similar need here. Or better, instead of adding (admin/non-admin) users, if we can just configure a list of emails for those “suspicious logins” emails to be sending to, that will solve the problem too.

We have tried several workarounds, but none of them is working for us (@mayur.dave you may want to check if those can workout for you).

  • Create a google group, and make that google group email an Auth0 admin. Our hope was for the security team to subscribe emails from that google group. The problem is Auth0 is behind our employee SAML+2FA auth system, and the google group cannot login and complete accepting the invitation to become an admin.
  • One admin forward the email with specific title/sender of to that google group. Unfortunately, our company (and believe a lot of companies) blocked the Gmail filter forward feature.