Add Content To auth0:widget

Is it possible to add what is essentially a footer to the auth0:widget login form with the new universal login page (custom HTML) and a custom domain? I was able to use Customize Login Page within the Management console adding it below the form elements as proof of concept. However, I haven’t been able to accomplish the same once I have to include the auth0:widget pushing up through the Management API. I also would like an overall page footer similar to below.

I need to do a similar thing, did you manage to find a solution?

I did manage it with JavaScript and custom CSS and Auth0 injected classes. It looked good in most screen sizes, but the layout was too complex and it didn’t look quite right at some other sizes. Talked to a technical person at Auth0 and he recommended not using that approach in case their template changed in the future. There would’ve been a potential to have to made updates to keep the layout consistent. We ended up simplifying the layout to stay within the Auth0 widget.