Add ability to add and remove a single client from a connection

Feature: Add ability to add and remove a single client from a connection.

Description: Currently the only way to add or remove a client to/from a connection is to first get all the connection details. Then add or remove the client_id from the ‘enabled_clients’ field and update the connection with the updated field.

It’d be much more usable if we could simply attach or remove a client from a connection via an attach/detach api endpoint. Similar to how AWS handles IAM Role and Policy Attachments: AttachRolePolicy - AWS Identity and Access Management

Use-case: We want to manage our tenants via terraform and currently there is no way to attach a tenant’s Auth0 Clients to a specific connection. We obviously can’t make each tenant module aware of the Connection resource itself since it might destroy it.

Thanks for creating this feedback card. Let’s see how many others will be interested in such improvement!

Hi jmt,

This is a great suggestion and something that we really want. Currently we have to manage our Auth0 config in a single terraform root module because changes to the connection resource require all client IDs to be provided together.
It would be preferable to add/remove individual clients to a pre-existing connection so that Connection and clients could be managed in separate root modules, reducing the blast radius and reducing terraform plan/apply times.

As you may have noticed the existing Auth0 Terraform provider is not official so Auth0 have no responsibility for maintaining or enhancing it. The creator of this provider has done great work to get it to its current state but now i would like to see Auth0 officially take ownership and strategically support its development.

I have already raised this matter with our account manager; apparently there is some internal interest in doing this but it’s not on the roadmap and there is no resource commitment. The only way that this will change is if there is sufficient customer demand. If you are a paying customer I would ask you to raise this as a urgent requirement

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Do you know if there are any plans to implement this feature? This is what we really want as well.

Thank you.

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Hey there!

There’s not enough feedback advocating for this feature so as of now we have no public facing information on when this one is gonna get implemented.