Adaptive Risk Assessment Data in Action

When adaptive risk assessment is enabled, is the risk assessment data available in an action? I see the assessment data in logs, but the auto complete in the action doesn’t have it under the event.user and I haven’t been able to find it in the docs.

In the customization of Adaptive MFA docs it looks like it is available from a Rule, but at the top of the document it says Auth0 recommends using Actions.

Can someone clarify when/where the MFA risk assessment data is available? If it is currently not available in Actions, will it be at some point?

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Hi @laksdjflaksdjf,

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It isn’t currently available in Actions. I’ll reach out to the team for more info on if/when it will be.

We don’t have a specific plan for the release of this feature in Actions. Would you be able to describe your use case for our product team and I will pass it on to them?