Decision making for MFA frequency per organization


I am looking for help with getting information about an user’s login during in Action.
I am new to Auth0 so I went over Google searches, this community and documentation but I still can’t find required info.

I have a requirement to enable different MFA settings for different organizations.
I am using Action to make a decision if MFA is enabled to a specific organization.
Example taken from
Each organization is going to have their own settings related to MFA, like

  • Lock an user after X failed mfa verifications
  • Do not ask for MFA if last successful login was within X time (hours, days, …)

Is there a way, maybe not with Action, to know when was a last successful login (including MFA verification) and how many times the user failed MFA verification?


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Hi @mikhail.ilfirovych,

As you’ve noticed from the feature request linked, you can use Actions to control MFA behavior on a per-org basis. The user’s app_metadata can be a helpful place to store information like when the last successful login was, or when a user completed MFA.

If you have other ideas or requirements that aren’t currently possible, it would be helpful to add them to the feature request you linked.


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