AD LDAP issues on terminal server but on AD it works

Hi Everyone, we have AD Ldap configured on primary AD and it works fine. We now have a second connector on our second AD for resiliency if we loose our first site. The connector seems to be working Directly on the second AD as i get the Blue windows authentication box when i access our site. But when i try the same URL from the terminal server i don’t get the same box for authentication. I only get a field to enter an Email. and no windows authentication blue box. See attached snip for picture comparison. Thank you for any advicewindowsAuthmissingAuth.

Hello there @Sebastien.Lefort, I apologize for the delay in getting you a response.

I understand it has been some time since this question was asked but if you are still experiencing this issue I would be happy to take a look. When you get a chance if you could direct message me your tenant name I would be happy to start by taking a look there first.

Due to the age of the topic and question asked, I will keep the topic open for another ten days unless you have any additional questions I can assist with on this front. Thanks!

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