Actions is not working properly with node modules

Hello, I have been using a custom action for several months now and out of the blue, I got a message from a User of mine that their application is not working.

Everything on my end of the code is working properly but for some reason the PostUserRegistration custom action is not sending fetch data to my server.

I have logging on the my server end for any requests and it seems like the Tests and the Production variants are not sending any requests.

@dan.woda would you know why Actions are not working properly?

I tested the code locally and I have no issues so it is definitely on Auth0’s end.

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I am not seeing any ongoing outages or other users experiencing this, which suggests this is not a bug, but might be a misconfiguration.

Can you please provide the code you are using so I can try to reproduce? Additionally, can you DM me the name of the tenant and action.

I dm’d you the code, tenant name and action name.

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For anyone that has this type of issue and uses Cloudflare, check and see if Bot Fight Mode is on, if so then I recommend adding a rule or turning it completely off.

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