Actions is not working for PostUser Registration

post user registration is not working ? i have set an action which basically post to my api with payload of newly signed up user in auth0 which i can get from event params of action function. below is the action code.

const axios = require(“axios”);
exports.onExecutePostUserRegistration = async (event, api) => {
const {user,secrets} = event;
const payload={
the user is not created in my mongodb database ??

as i didnot find any tag for the relevent i have just added random tag?? how the heck they supposed not to add tag which is a part of their application there is not tag for “actions”,“post-user-registration”,“preuser-registration”??

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I’ve checked your tenant logs, and the only error I’ve seen regarding post-user registration action is 504. Can you check if your API endpoint is publicly accessible?


am i getting wrong here ,let me explain correct me if am wrong .
post-user-registration , if i signup new user i.e from the UI provided my auth0. the customAction inside post-user-registration will execute after the user had been register ?is it .
if then the above action does not execute however the same custom action works inside Action >flows>Login . why is that??

The Post-User registration action is triggered only for Database or Passwordless connection when a new customer signing in. It won’t launch for the other connection types. On the other hand the post-login action is launched for all connection types.

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