Access the configured Application Logo (logo_uri in tenant.yaml) from an action

Hi guys, we need to access the configured Application Logo (logo_uri in tenant.yaml) from an action, but it seems that the event.client object doesn’t include that information.


console.log(“event.client: " + JSON.stringify(event.client)) ; => event.client: {“client_id”:”…“,“name”:”…",“metadata”:{…}}

Is it possible to get that value from an action ?

Regards, Alfredo

The outcome you describe is expected given that as mentioned at (Actions Triggers: post-login - Event Object) only a subset of client information is available in the event.client object and the property you want is NOT one of them.

From a technical point of view it would be possible to call Management API from the action itself, but that would have significant considerations on its own.

Although, it would imply some duplication a possible (more simple) approach would be for you to also set the logo URI as a client metadata entry and then obtain it from metadata within the action.

Hi, thanks for the answer, we will do that (set the logo URI also as a client metadata entry).
We ask first if there is another option because we are running out of client metadata entries.

You’re correct that client metadata entries are limited in number; for these situations, if you find yourself that you’re becoming limited in the number of entries you can add you could consider a composed entry that would contain more than one piece of information. For example, encoding multiple pieces of information in JSON and then parse the entry before actual usage.

The overall size of each entry is also limited, but in cases where you may have several (individually small) pieces of data you may be able to use composing to squeeze a few more.

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