Access client_id in a post-user-registration Action


I’m trying to store a record of a user in a CRM, it seems like the post-user-registration trigger with Actions is the ideal way to do this.

However, I have multiple clients on the same tenant and I only want to add this user to the CRM if it comes from a specific client.

In Rules you had access to the client_id on the context object but I can’t see any equivalent in the event object passed into the post-user-registration Action.

Is there any way to access this in the post-user-registration Action?

Hi @christien.guy,

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It looks like the post user registration Actions doesn’t include the event.client property, unlike the post login action.

The best way to workaround this would be to use a post login action. You can set a flag in the user’s metadata to indicate they have been added to your CRM after a successful update, or set it to run based on the event.stats.logins_count.

Does that make sense?

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