Access is denied - Error on login


(1) On logging in on my WordPress-powered site, this error is being shown:
“access_denied: Password login is disabled for clients using externally hosted login pages with oidc_conformant flag set.”
What is the problem? Please help me.

(2) Please guide me to set up Auth0 for my WordPress-powered site. I also want to use the Auth0 WordPress plugin.
The documentation is really highly technical and highly ambiguous. And there are no clear steps to be followed mentioned anywhere. An awesome service like Auth0 should have an awesome documentation to go with…
I would appreciate a complete walk-through to set up on my WordPress-powered site. Thanks.

(3) The documentation is vague on this: If I am using the Auth0-hosted email/username/password credentials stored in database (similar to the WordPress users being stored in the WordPress database), should an user be first registered (signed up) with Auth0? Only when the user logs in first will he be migrated to Auth0 database, right? How does this work? How does migration work?
So an existing user on the WordPress-powered site should be signed up with Auth0 before he first logs in to the site after setting up Auth0 authentication on the site?
The migration feature is not available in the Free plan? Then how will I migrate the existing users on my site?
It’s really confusing… A well-written and well-explained documentation with the exact steps to be followed is indeed the need of the hour… No doubt!

Yeah… Please help me… SOS… :frowning: