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I checked the features comparison between different subscription plans, but Auth0 official price page(https://auth0.com/jp/pricing)and the tenant dashboard page tell slightly different infomation. For example, Machine to Machine Authentication limit is 5000 on the price page while it is “as many as you need” on the dashboard page.

Before starting to use Auth0, I would like to uderstand platform limit such as application entity limit and m2m authentication limit, so please tell me which page is giving the correct infomation. Thank you.

Hi @nakagome,

I recommend checking out our Clarification on Entity Limit Policy FAQ for a complete explanation of the entity limits enforced for your subscription plan.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for the reply.

We are creating the Machine to Machine application per each Organization. The page below says that the application credentials limit is 2,000 in the Enterprise plan. Since the M2M app holds the credentials, does this mean that the number of M2M Application we can create in one tenant is also 2,000 although there is no Application limit?

Entity Limit Policy (auth0.com)

Also, I want to make sure there is no limit to the number of M2M authentication as it is stated in the tenant dashboard page, since Entity Limit Policy (auth0.com) page does not mention about it.

Thank you.

Hi @nakagome,

Thanks for the response.

There is no limit to the number applications you can create in an Enterprise Plan. The Application Credentials refer to the Credentials Tab in your application settings:

In that case, you will have a 2000 limit on your application credentials.

And to re-confirm, yes, you can create as many M2M applications as you need, there is no limit in an Enterprise Subscription.


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