Ability to store Object in the Action cache along with the string

Feature: Store Objects along with string in action cache

Description: Going through action documentation, It has come to our understanding that cache is only able to store Strings. I want it to be able to store objects along with the strings which will help in implementing global configuration similar to the rules.

Use-case: We want to use an object in multiple actions to implement application wise behaviour. In order to achieve modularity we want to make it per application group. In current behaviour, we have to initialise the object in each action. Segregating it into multiple individual string is also not possible as cache has a limit of 20. We want to avoid this duplication.

As long as this is not available, you could maybe simple encode your object with base64 and store it in the cache. Anyway, if the object is not dynamic (as you are referring to the rules configurations), it would maybe be also possible with the Action’s secrets


Marking that as a temporary workaround! Thanks for creating this feedback card and of course make sure to upvote it!

That looks promising workaround. Thanks

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