Is there any "global" in actions like in rules?

Is there any feature in actions for caching expensive resources, like in rules?

I found this article about rules, but not about actions. Cache Expensive Resources in Rules

We want to call our system for storing information on signup, and we need to retrieve from auth0 an authorization token for calling our system. However, as getting that authorization token has a monthly limit, and it takes time to call another service for being able to call our service we are thinking on storing that information between actions. If the “global” object is not the way to go, is any other way that could fit our needs?

Hi @yufuven,

At this time, there isn’t a great replacement for the caching like in rules. It’s something that has been discussed, but doesn’t have an immediate ETA.

Hi @dan.woda,

Thanks for sharing that information. I ended up implementing my feature in a rule rather than in an action due to the lack of a caching mechanism.

Maybe it would be good to add it on the documentation as a limitation, or as something that can’t be done in Actions but can be done in Rules. Probably I would add that here Actions Limitations

I’ve read all the documentation available about Actions and wasn’t mentioned and at the same time when Rules/Hooks is accessed from the dashboard you get the message that is legacy and Actions should be used.

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Thanks for the suggestion @yufuven!

I will pass that along to the team.

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