AAD and Universal Login

Hi All,

I have configured an enterprise connection to AAD in my auth0 tenant which works as expected. i.e. any user with a specific domain will be redirected to AAD upon login. Now I am able to access other apps I have registered without re-authenticating (SSO). If I logout of everything and then log directly into AAD when I access one of my applications it will prompt for credentials once I enter my email address and select login the session in AAD is picked up and I don’t need to renter pwds, mfa etc.
Is there a way given that I have logged into AAD first to completely by pass the auth0 universal login page completely by recognizing the AAD session or do I always have to enter the email address so that auth0 knows where to look?


Hi @law76,

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Are you using only the AAD connection? If so, you can pass a connection parameter to the authorize endpoint and it will skip the Auth0 UI.