A0deploy tool and Native type application

I would like to inquire about the correctness of using the a0deploy tool to import/export settings for a Native type application. Upon starting the integration, I encountered several errors and issues with both the import and export functionalities. One of the errors I encountered was related to enabling the client credentials grant type for a Native app. To accomplish this, I had to make use of the Auth0 Management API since the web page for the app’s settings did not allow me to configure certain properties.

Here are the steps I followed to enable the Client Credentials configuration:

  1. Accessed the Auth0 Management API to retrieve my app.
  2. Updated the app’s settings and set the Token Endpoint Auth Method to client_secret_post.
  3. Enabled the Client Credentials grant type for the app.
  4. Returned to the web page for the app’s settings and set the Token Endpoint Auth Method to None since this configuration cannot be set via the Auth0 Management API.

After completing these steps, I was able to successfully export the settings for the Native app. However, I encountered difficulties when attempting to import the settings. Specifically, I found that settings for my Native app could not be updated using the a0deploy tool.

Further investigation led me to discover the following information:

“The a0deploy CLI is a command-line tool provided by Auth0 for deploying configuration settings of various types of Auth0 applications. However, it is primarily intended for deploying configuration for non-Native type applications, such as Single Page Applications (SPAs), Regular Web Applications, and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications.”

Interestingly, the Auth0 developer support team provided me with conflicting information, stating that I can use the a0deploy tool to import/export changes for Native type applications.

Is it possible that I found a bug in Auth0 configs?

I appreciate your quick response.

Kind regards,