A client has sent us their idp xml. they are asking for our "sp metadata". where to take this from?


To expand on the above, they have also included their idp xml, with x509 and other fields. All in order to establish a saml-based SSO.

most of the tutorials are on how to establish SSO with Auth0 being the idp. Seems here we are the Service Provider. is that right? How do we take this from here? what do we need to do, and what do we need to send them?

thanks so much!

PS: they also asked if we require certain SAML attributes to be set. They send the user email address as the NameID in SAML assertions.

Hi @general ,

That’s my thought as well.
Your Auth0 tenant will act as a SP in this setting and you would have to create an Enterprise connection that will represent the IdP you integrate with and enable it for your apps.

The guidance is here - Connect Your App to SAML Identity Providers

While setting this up, please let us know if you have any particular questions.

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