5 questions for the feature "Passwordless"

Hi Community, I am not technical and have 5 questions for Passwordless:

1a. Does the feature Passwordless with Magic Link comprise of sending a one-time link via both SMS and email? Or is Passwordless with Magic Link for email only?

1b. If Passwordless with Magic Link covers SMS as well, how does it work?

  1. If Magic Link is only for email and if I use Passwordless for SMS (OTP) first only, will it be easy to integrate for Magic Link later?

  2. The article Passwordless Authentication with SMS mentioned
    about working with Twilio. What is the difference between working directly with Twilio and working with Auth0 to implement authentication for users via SMS?

  3. What is the difference between Lock Passwordless with Passwordless?

Hey there!

I feel most of those questions if not all are covered in our docs even if you’re not a technical person :slight_smile: Have you had a chance to read through our docs on that?

I’m happy to help once you do that!

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