403 Forbidden when accessing /testall endpoint


Problem statement

We are getting 403 Forbidden Exception when making a request to this URL: <tenant_domain>/testall
This behavior began on 1/23/23.
The URL: <tenant_domain>/test is working as expected.


403 errors accessing /testall endpoint


Both endpoints have been deprecated and were removed from public docs in 2020.

The /testall endpoint was EOL’d on 1/23/23 - At time of writing, the /test endpoint is still available but deprecated, and will eventually be turned off.


Unfortunately the /testall endpoint has been deprecated for several years now (~2020) and was finally End of Life’d on 1/23/23.

Please review our documentation that I’ve linked below for our current recommendations on how to monitor your Auth0 applications and systems.

The /test endpoint has also been deprecated for several years but it has not been disabled yet. I would recommend migrating off of this endpoint as well at your earliest convenience if you are using it. At the time of writing, there are unfortunately no set dates for this being disabled fully we can share.