3A certificate expired suddenly?

Hi All,

Really not sure what is going on this morning… i woke up and suddenly Auth0 won’t log in like it used to. Even in a new VSC broswer, new cert trust to local, and fresh login to grant permissions, after the login i redirect to:


I’m not sure whats changed? it worked fine went i went to bed…

I saw a community solution saying remove the expired cert from trust, so i did. Still not working.

Has anyone else had this?

EDIT: This is also happening in other applications that were previously working fine.

Additionally, in Tenant settings when i click on “Authorization” it tries to connect to webtask.io but i get an expiration error there too, when i inspect certificates it suggests Amazon as the issuer:

Common Name

eu12.webtask.io expired on 06/01/2024.


Many Thanks

Suddenly without my intervention its working as intended again.


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