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2FA - Send verification token in email instead of verification link



Hello Everyone,

We are implementing 2FA using Email-Token mechanism. The auth0 documentation (as below) notes that the method involves sending the user (i.e. over email) a 5-10 alpha-numeric token OR providing a verification-link.

The default implementation from auth0 for “Email Token” sends a verification url/link which on-click performs the verification process. That all sounds good, and it is working for us, BUT we want to instead send a “verification-code” in the email instead of a verification link. And off course in this approach, accordingly, we will have the user enter the verification code which would be part of our Sign-up workflow.

With the above context – Basically, I want to know as to how to configure/implement the above approach using auth0?. I did not find any documentation around configuring that, except for the documentation on Email-Token 2FA (, which does mention the use of alpha-numeric token in the email. And my assumption is that they support the approach since its mentioned in the documentation…