1Password does not work with device authentication

I tried using the new “Device biometrics” login process, which then prompted me to use 1Password’s PassKey integration but it does not work.

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FWIW, I haven’t been able to get 1Password’s passkeys feature working either. It doesn’t seem to matter what service I’m using, it always fails. Using iCloud and Chrome seems to work a lot better.

I have the same issue (Something Went Wrong - Passkey Help! - Auth0 Community). It works on my iPhone. And I can login the first time after recovery. But when I have to login again, it fails with 1Password + Passkey.

I do find it ironic that between an IDP (Auth0) and a password manager (1Password) they cannot get authentication to work.

You are supposed to be authentication experts, so it is funny and kinda sad that the login is broken on Auth0.

But I guess this is going to be one of those classic corporate scenarios;
Auth0 will point the finger at 1Password, 1Password will the finger at Auth0 and ultimately it is left to the users (those with no control) to try and get it working via a community forum.