Username-password authentication not working

Whenever I try to login using a social IdP (google, facebook, …) things work as expected. But, if I just create an user and try to login with his username and password, I get the error:

access_denied: Password login via OIDC-conformant clients with externally-hosted login pages is unsupported. Alternatively, login could have been initiated from the wrong place (e.g., a bookmark).

(added screenshots for clarity)

This is driving me crazy. I’ve just created a new tenant to check if the error is due to something I touched, but no, it’s still happening with the default configuration. I googled it and found some results, but none of them helped me.

You need add the App bundle URI in the application settings for callback and logout both.
for ex : if

repeat the same comma seperated with android , all you need to do is to replace ios with android.

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Thanks a lot @kirankbee for sharing that knowledge here!

Thanks @kirankbee! I ended up rewriting my code using the official react-native-auth0 library, and following the Application Quick Start tutorial, and didn’t experience the issue anymore.
Therefore I can’t really confirm that your solution actually works, but thanks anyway.

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Glad it’s working for you now @lgenzelis!

thanks @lgenzelis i am able to login /logout , but still have some other challenges of call back when actually embedded into my RN mobile app, can you help provide any guidance? i am getting error like " Safari can’t open the link"…

@kirankbee, just go to the Dashboard, then to Applications -> YourApplication -> Quick Start. Follow that guide. It worked for me.

@igeshosk that works for me too, with little changes to the URI bundle, but when i embed the auth page into my mobile App i can get through beyond login?as it throws the error i mentioned before.

You can try download the demo version from the quickstart section (instead of implementing it yourself) and see if it works for you. It should work out of the box. Then, you can compare it with what you are doing and try to find the problem. Hope it works.

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Yep and after that let us know if you still have some obstacles!

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