Zendesk AssertionConsumerServiceURL is invalid

I followed the tutorial for setting up Auth0 as an SSO provider for Zendesk but I get the error posted below. I found a few tickets from several years ago reporting a similar error but none were resolved. Anyone know what step I missed?
" invalid_request : The SAML Request AssertionConsumerServiceURL is invalid: ‘https://foo.zendesk.com/access/saml

Hey @evanmaynard1, for the Zendesk SSO integration on the Auth0 side, the value filled inside the Zendesk Account Name in the settings, usually reflect this setting for the ACS Url. Might be worth checking if this is what you would expect.

Even with that set to the same link, it fails :frowning:

@sidharth.chaudhary, I even tried the name field like so:

Hey @evanmaynard1 the Zendesk Account Name needs to be just the first segment in your Zendesk URL, i.e the {account name} only not the complete url. See the comment below the box. ex. in your case it will be just foo

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I see, thanks @sidharth.chaudhary! It works when I just put “foo” in the Zendesk Account Name box as below for https://foo.zendesk.com/access/saml ACS_URL


Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Glad you have it working now!

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