Wrong RelayState parameter received in the


I’m developing a SAML auth on top of Laravel 5. The authentication process works just fine. However, I have a problem with the RelayState param.
When I start the SAML request, I add a RelayState param (ex: &RelayState=http%3A%2F%2Fmysite.local%3A8080%2Fmember). This param appears into the Auth0 login page URL. But after authentication, when getting redirected to my app, the RelayState param becomes something like “0RkkkmCwom9M_14p6xvj28JDT3_t7l0i”.

There is probably something I don’t understand but I thought that this param wasn’t supposed to changed during the auth process.

Why does Auth0 transmit a different param?

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Not sure if this will be any help for you?

Did you solve the problem?

I’m having the same issue

That is related to Auth0 being a Service Provider.

In my case Aut0 is the IDP and from my SP I’m sending a request with a RelayState parameter. But when the SAMLReponse comes back, it have an entirely different value fro the RelayState parameter