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WPF Integration/IBrowser Implementation



I’m curious to see if anyone has created their own implementation of an IBrowser for a customized WPF view. It looks like this was mentioned in another thread (WPF integration), but that thread is now locked - that is why I am starting this new thread to see if I can follow-up with the original poster.

@gfkeogh - did you have any success with your custom IBrowser implementation?

Are there others in the community that have had success?


Hello. Yes, I did implement IBrowser in a WPF application and succeeded in displaying the Lock control inside the main application window. Although it works, and some cases it’s probably less distracting than opening a secondary window to collect credentials, there are some issues to be aware of. The full sample project and my notes on the issues in a Wiki page can be found here: Cheers, Greg


Thanks for sharing your implementation!