script error from lock.js in WinForms app on Windows 7.

I’m having trouble running the Lock app in a WinForms control on some versions of Windows 7. The error is shown in the screenshot below. It seems to be due to an unsupported version of JavaScript, but I’m not sure. Any suggestions what I can do to resolve this? Please let me know what other details are useful.

![alt text][1]

The error is not specific enough to be meaningful and given you mention this happening only on some versions of Windows 7 it makes it even harder to pinpoint the possible cause. I’m assuming you’re trying to run it within the WebBrowser control and if that’s the case then a lot of (bad) things can happen. For example, the control may be trying to render the page in an unsupported mode; based on a quick search it may default to IE 7 or something so you may want to investigate if the page is being rendered in the expected IE mode. Pages sometimes can control this through doctype’s, but according to this answer in SO it may also be possible to force the WebBrowser control to always use a specific mode.