Workflow to transfer User from one Auth0 Authentification Database to another?


We currently have two products that have their users in two separate Auth0 databases. Now these users are to be brought together in a database so that they can log in with just one login. Is there a way we can transfer the users including their password? Or is it only possible via export / import and password reset workflow?


Hi @tim.taylor,

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If you want to move users between database connections you will need to do an export/import, and request their password hashes via a support ticket.

There are also other options, like password reset workflows like you mentioned, or account linking.

Many thanks for the answer.

Do I understand correctly, we can request the password hashes with a support ticket and can then import them together with the other user data?
In this way, users don’t have to assign a new password?
What format do these password hashes have - is that also in json or csv?

Thanks very much

Yes, that is correct.

I’m not sure. If you are interested, I would simply create a support ticket and start the process.

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