Transfer user from one Auth0 database to another

Transferring a user from one Auth0 Database Connection to another, would be extremely useful, since per Database Connection you can already configure which applications are available to the users from that Database Connection.

A concrete example where this could be useful:

  • Zendesk (or any other application that has expensive licensing) should be available to only a subset of your employees.
  • You have various Database Connection's configured (which I actually use as company departments), of which only the Operations department should have access to Zendesk.
  • When an employee moves from outside the Operations department, with this new feature, I could easily transfer the user from another department (Database Connection) to the Operations department, thereby automatically applying access permissions related to that department.

I found this topic Workflow to transfer User from one Auth0 Authentification Database to another? where it says that this can be done via Auth0 Support, but if I would like to move users around often, this is not a workable option.

Hopefully more Auth0 fans see the advantage of having such a feature in the admin web interface :slight_smile:

Hi @s84,

Thank you for creating this feature request!

I have gone ahead and changed this post’s category to Feedback to allow for voting, with higher votes leading to higher implementation priority.

In this case, please don’t forget to upvote this request!

Have a good rest of your day.

Thank you.