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WordPress Plugin: Uncaught Error: accessToken parameter is not valid after logout


On our website there is a strange problem with an invalid parameter accessToken in the assert.js. This is only the case if you first log in correctly and then log out.

Then the Auth0 registration form will no longer appear and the error described above will be displayed. This can be readjusted in all browsers and you have to clear the complete browser cache (including site data and Auth0 data) to get the form shown again.

Do we need to adjust some settings or how can we fix this?

Bellow you can find the complete exception:

assert.js:12 Uncaught Error: accessToken parameter is not valid
at r (assert.js:12)
at Object.o [as check] (assert.js:24)
at r.userInfo (index.js:446)
at index.js:287
at index.js:337
at r.verify (index.js:98)
at r.validateToken (index.js:335)
at r.validateAuthenticationResponse (index.js:251)
at web-message-handler.js:76
at r.callback (web-message-handler.js:11)

Best regards and thx,


Hey there @acc, when you get a minute can you snag me your tenant name and a HAR file and DM it over to me so I can take a deeper look at what is going on during the workflow. Any additional details is appreciated it. Thanks!


Following up with you @acc to see how things are going on sending over your tenant name and HAR file in a DM. Please let me know if I can be further of assistance :slightly_smiling_face:.


sorry for the delay! Our office was closed due to the holidays :wink:

Best regards and thanks for the help!


I wanted to follow up @acc after diving into the HAR you sent over with our support team. It seems not to have the same error that you previously mentioned. Would you by chance be able to resend a HAR demonstrating the Uncaught Error: accessToken param not being valid that you previously mentioned. Please let me know if you have any questions as I’m happy to help. Thanks!

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