Laravel 5.8 Integration Invalid State on callback

Followed the quickstart guide, and I’m getting an Invalid State response.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there @cameron.heikkinen, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you share a bit more of what’s going on when you get a chance? When are you experiencing the invalid state response? Is the code available in a public repo? Can you direct message me your tenant? I am happy to help in any way I can, just need a little more details. Thanks in advance!

The invalid states message comes immediately after I try to login. I checked and the user is being added to both my database and the auth0 admin. The code isn’t public.

When you get a chance @cameron.heikkinen can you snag a HAR file of the broken workflow and direct message it over to me along with the tenant name? This will allow us to see exactly what is going on during the login flow. Please be sure to select “Preserve log” to catch redirects and scrub the file of user passwords before passing, thanks!

I wanted to follow up and see if you were able to gather those details relating to the HAR file and tenant name? Thanks in advance!

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