WordPress + Enterprise connection

I set up a custom database connection using my WP details, tested ok (was able to “try” the connection and retrieve valid details. So, I enabled the migration scripts.

I can log in with username and password for my admin user, but, if i log in with our enterprise SSO (which returns an email address via openid), it creates a new user with a randomised email address. There’s no failures in the logs that would explain it, so I don’t know why it isn’t using the email scope provided?

I’ve checked that all available scopes have been set
The config file on WHMCS:

    "scopes_supported": [
    "claims_supported": [

vs Auth0:

From what I can see, it just doesn’t appear to be checking the user info endpoint at all.

Without showing the actual data on a public forum, here is a screenshot to show that the configuration file does declare the userinfo endpoint:

I don’t understand enough of Auth0 to know if this is expected behaviour or otherwise. Is there additional configuration required elsewhere to get it to call the userinfo endpoint?

I’m going around in circles in the documentation, there’s so many docs on similar topics that it easily becomes a rabbit hole quite quickly.

So, any advice is desperately welcomed!