With stopped working suddenly


Login page of my web application stopped suddenly working.
Everything seems set up correctly since I double checked. Till two days ago (more or less) everything was working.
I see there’s some maintenance activity going through region Europe. But is this behaviour expected? Do I miss something?
I’m using the free tier, but I got just 15 users signed up and nothing changed, it just suddenly stopped working.
There’s a kind of uuid printed after logging it using Google provider. Can it help somehow?


Hi @scanalato.commedia.0

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You are correct in that there is currently an infrastructure upgrade going on in the EU-2 region as per https://status.auth0.com/incidents/0zfpgktf0vgl

I’m assuming you are using Google Development Keys, if so there could be some interference with the current work going on. Please can you try configuring the Google connection with your own Google Cloud keys to resolve the issue.

https://marketplace.auth0.com/integrations/google-social-connection (Installation tab).

Warm regards

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