Windows FTP integration


Has anyone written an integration between Windows FTP service and Auth0 to authenticate the user’s credentials.

My intent is to use the FTP service extensibility.
and implement the iftpauthenticationprovider

Looking for some direction on where to begin. Thanks in advance.

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Hey there!

I researched our docs but unfortunately didn’t find anything on integrating Auth0 with FTP. Adding a few tags to your question for better visibility. Can you describe on high level what you want to build? Maybe other parts of our stack will help!

yeah sure @konrad.sopala

I am looking to provide FTP / SFTP solution hosted in Azure.

The product has a web site using Auth0. A customer may log into the web site as well as log into the S/FTP to get their data files.

Some of the clients have automated software that connects to the FTP site and downloads any new files daily.

So my thought was to use the Windows FTP server extensibility interface for authentication via Auth0 some how.

My goal is one set of credentials for both the web site and ftp site. Currently the web site credentials are maintained in Auth0 and the FTP credentials are maintained in a hosted database. The FTP credentials are often to always different and maintained by the customer service team for the product.

I think my real question is can I use the auth0 API to programmaticaly validate user credentials without using the login screen/dialog.

Thanks for sharing the context! I guess the answer is our Authentication API:

@konrad.sopala, I reviewed the documentation and what I can determine I always need to specify a redirection URL. Within the FTP server the code will not be able to redirect the web response to the user. This is where I am stuck. Is there way around this?

Unfortunately I think there isn’t…