Wildcards not working in Callback Urls

I am attempting to use a wildcard in a callback url to handle our different environments, but everytime I try to login in, I get a “Callback URL mismatch” error.

The docs on this page clearly state that wildcards are allowed.

My two urls look like this.

  • https://myapp.dev.acme.com
  • https://myapp.staging.acme.com

I am trying to present both with a wildcard like this.


It also doesn’t work when the full subdomain is a wildcard.


Hey @dave.natalie :wave:

The doc on this page goes a bit further about the rules of using wildcards in subdomains for Callback URLs

In your case, the Callback URLs are not working with the initial rule you set because:

  • The wildcard must be located in the subdomain furthest from the root domain. https://sub.*.example.com will not work.

And when you tried updating and making the full subdomain a wildcard

  • A URL with a valid wildcard will not match a URL more than one subdomain level in place of the wildcard.
    https://*.example.com will not work with https://sub1.sub2.example.com.

You’re totally right, I should have read the docs more carefully.