Why does the password policy box cuts in lock 11.18.1


I have upgraded my system to use lock version 11.18.1 from 11.17.3, But the password policy cuts as in the image:

Note: This issue was fixed in 11.7.3 but now it is still happening. Below is the link to the same issue.
(Why does the password policy box cuts in lock?)

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that! I think the most effective way to handle that would be to raise the issue in the GitHub repo so that the maintainers can look at that. Once you open it feel free to share the link here so I can ping the repo maintainers!


Thanks a lot for that @b.saju!

I will let repo maintainers know about that.

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When can I have a solution for this because we are panning to go live on Dec 2nd.

Hey there @b.saju!

I just repinged the responsible team. The should be on it shortly. Sorry for the experience!

I was told that already one of engineers is responding there. Will close that topic to keep the whole conversation there.