Why do we see "Successful signup" in auth0 logs, when user logs in first time?

We have a flow like this:

  1. A user in our application invites a new user at test@test.com, passwordless email connection.
  2. This user then logs in the first time the day after
  3. In Auth0 “Monitoring --> Logs” we then see a “Success Signup” event, but is this not a day late?

I hope someone can clarify - because it’s very weird behaviour when we try to debug🤔

Hi there @alexab :wave:

Let me share this workflow with the team and see what they have to say. I will be sure to relay any feedback. Thanks!

Hi @alexab
That’s the expected behavior. The “Success Signup” event (type ss) in this case (as with social or enterprise connections) is simply the first login with that identity.


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