Is the "Signup success" event triggered after a user accepts an invite?

I’ve been able to trigger my webhook when a new user signs up. This trigger is attached to the “Signup success” event. Great!

However I would like this trigger to only execute if the user signs up (through the traditional way), NOT if the the user was invited.

According to the docs:

A typical user invitation process follows these steps:

  1. Administrator creates a user account.
  2. Administrator sends an email to the user inviting them to register.
  3. User follows a link in the invitation email to set up a password for the account.
  4. User creates and verifies a password.
  5. User signs in.

From that literal description it appears as such the “Signup success” event won’t be triggered, but is that the case?

IF that’s the case, do you know how I could filter one type of event from the other in my webhook logic?

Appreciate the help! Cheers

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Based on looking at logs, it appears to me that the user invitation acceptance does trigger the Signup Success event.

By the way, how were you able to attach a webhook to the “Signup success” event? Is there another way besides using the Post-User Registration extensibility point?

Thank you!

Hello @rogupta and @andrecavalheiro welcome to the community!

The Success Signup (ss) event should fire when the user actually logs in for the first time.

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I used a monitoring stream: Create Custom Log Streams Using Webhooks