Why as an Admin I don't see APIs section?

Why as an Admin I don’t see APIs section?

So I can that only as an owner? But admin/maintainer don’t have access.
Does it mean they need only owner access?

Hey there @diasismailov!

To be honest I’m not quite familiar with how the access levels work but let me check it internally and get back to you with an answer soon!

Hey @diasismailov!

If you are a tenant admin then you should be able to view everything!

Can you try refreshing the browser, it might have not loaded under the menu straightaway?

Let me know if that helps!

I can see only as Owner API list.
Tenant admin don’t see such

Hey @diasismailov!

I checked your profile using our internal tools and there might be a potential reason you cannot see the API section.

  1. Can you tell me what email you use for login into the dashboard?
  2. Can you record me a HAR file of the following flow: login into the dashboard, click APIs?

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for further contribution and help with solving this issue!

Hey there @diasismailov!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hello, @konrad.sopala

Thank you for the answer, so

  1. As owner I login d@ekingdom.tech
    as admin diasismailov@gmail.com

  2. Sure, here attached the file

Thanks a lot so everything is fine on the credentials access side. The thing that may cause this is that you need to check whether you have admin access to all applications. If you have full admin access then you’ll be able to see all APIs otherwise it will be only the ones for the apps you have access to. Can you check this one?

I analyzed your HAR file and it contains two 403 response codes, but it seems like there is no correlation between this and what you described as it’s not redirect to APIs section.

Thanks a lot for collaboration!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?