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Which plan does Machine to machine auth belong to?



I’m currently seeing a red marking in a report on the dashboard saying that Machine to machine auth is not part of the plan and we should upgrade.
But I can’t find this feature in the feature comparison chart.
Can you tell me to which plan this feature belongs?
In case it belongs to the Enterprise plan, is there another option?
We don’t really need other Enterprise features yet, the increase in cost would be way too high at this moment.


According to the current pricing page that is listed only in the enterprise addons section so my understanding is that it is indeed only eligible to add to an enterprise subscription. Having said that my recommendation, if you haven’t done so already, would be for you to reach out to sales directly and expose your use case for client credentials in a scope outside of all the enterprise-related feature set. Sales would be able to have a definitive saying in the options you have.


Correct - Machine to Machine Auth is a feature for the Enterprise Plan.
Refer to for more info @patrickg