Which module to install for Vue3+Vite+VitePWA? (auth0-spa-js or auth0-vue?)

I’m confused… I’m migrating my SPA from Vue2/PWA/Webpack to Vue3/Vite/VitePWA and am not sure which of the following modules I should use:

UPDATE: Got it working using “auth0-vue” on an otherwise empty stack of Vue3+Vite+VitePWA. However still confused on the differences between the two options. /END UPDATE

Can somebody here clarify the difference between the packages and perhaps identify the correct choice for an SPA on Vue3+Vite+VitePWA?

Hi @kit.zeller,

Glad to hear you got everything working in your Vue3 app.

Our auth0-spa-js SDK is a library that can be incorporated in any client-side javascript application to handle common OAuth authentication and authorization flows in the browser. It’s great for vanilla javascript applications and apps that aren’t using one of the frameworks for which we offer an SDK. While it could be used in these frameworks, it may required varying levels of tweaking to align with the intricacies of different frameworks.

On the other hand, all of our framework specific SPA SDKs, like auth0-vue, are more-or-less built on top of auth0-spa-js, but designed to integrate more easily into the specific framework for a better developer experience. They also include additional features and security implementations for each specific framework.


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That clarifies the differences, thanks for your reply.

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