Where to set email recipient for notification of Blocked IP Address

Feature: I want to change who gets notifications when an IP address is blocked according to the Suspicious IP Throttling setting, so more admins receive this important email.

Description: This is a boolean setting:
It only sends an email to the account administrator. I want it to send an email to a different address or mailing list which I can add more administrators to.
It would be good to have a text entry for an email address where can enter a mailing address like auth0events@jig.space.
Or user-dropdown list here would be good, so I can pick which auth0 admins are sent this notification.

Use-case: If the account administrator is on leave from work then we miss these important emails because we can’t customize the email where the notification is sent.

Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community! Let’s see how many folks here in the community will be interested in such enhancement as well!