Where i can find a simple example of php-jwt auth?

Hi there!

I have just installed PHP-JWT library from GitHub - firebase/php-jwt: PHP package for JWT. There i found only encrypting/decrypting examples, without sending data from forms and authorising with generating tokens. Please can somebody share a link to a simple php example, where some data is sending from html form to a server, than these data is checked, tokens are generated, and then authorised user can use just tokens for surfing a site. Sorry for maybe stupid question

Hi @allsportvideomavpa,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you are looking for a PHP example.

First, have you taken a look at our Auth0 PHP API SDK Quickstart?

This Quickstart should provide a skeleton for integrating Auth0 with a PHP backend API.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you.

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