Where do you see Auth0 with open-banking?

We are slowly moving towards an open-banking culture, where banks in the UK will be forced to open up their customer information (with consent) so third-party organizations can use that information to give more tailored services/products to our customers.

Do you or do you not see potential for authentication being easier to implement with this new open banking craze?

I confess that I have never deep dived into the open banking situation, but it seems pretty tied to well established protocols like OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. From that perspective it will indeed be much easier to integrate with banks given that it will be done through well-supported protocols that have a nice library and service ecosystem. For example, in theory a bank could see the Auth0 service as a way to support those standards with less implementation costs as Auth0 supports the protocols in question when acting as identity provider/authorization server and other developers could also use the service to integrate bank identity into their own apps as Auth0 also supports acting as broker between your client application and upstream OAuth2/OpenID Connect providers.

Thank you, that was helpful.