Where comes from?


I’m working on a mobile app, using ionic 3. I followed the Cordova’s documentation and I faced no problems.
But I’ve couldn’t see where could I found out from which form (Login or Sign up) comes the user.

My app requires to run more code when the users signs up.

Thank you!

Hi there @dzsolti97,

do you mind sharing the documentation you reference when building your ionic 3 app so I can take a deeper look into what was suggested? Thanks in advance!

Ionic 3 is based on cordova, so I followed the cordova’s quickstarter.
The link is: https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/native/cordova

Since I’ve started my project you guys updated the documentations but I don’t see in this on one either how can I found where the user comes? From the login or from the sign up tab.

You add the ability for your users to login/logout here:

Is your repo public or private?

Sorry but my repo and the project is private.

And it isn’t about the “users to login/logout” ! It is about how could I find out that my users comes from sign up or login in my callback.

The link you’ve sent has a limited access!
It says that my email doesn’t have access to Confluence on auth0team.atlassian.net!

Sorry about that, the wrong link was added from my clipboard: https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/native/cordova?_ga=2.52012332.486774834.1591735942-300421487.1591151341#add-login-and-logout-controls

Ok, but again… it’s not about the login/logout.

Sorry about that, now that I understand what you’re exactly I was able to confirm with my team that this currently isn’t possible.

Then how can I show a welcome message to the users, get them through a Quick Start or something like that, if I don’t now if there are signing up or logining in?

After digging into this with our support team they suggested you could query the MGMT API /api/v2/users/{id} and look at the logins_count attribute.

You also have an option with a post-registration hook.

Thanks for your patience on this front @dzsolti97!

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